sugar addiction recovery

Marketing Mystory.

In November 2011, I started on a journey to find good health. I was obese and in pain. My weight was high and my mood was low. I had read a book that convinced me, or rather confirmed my suspicions, that I was like an alcoholic with sugar. And I wanted to change.

Part of the plan to find good health again was to write how I was feeling. And so, in January 2012, I joined Weight Watchers online to use their tracking tools and their blogging space. Over the course of time and tenacity--shrinking myself by counting points and self analysis--I lost over 75 pounds and I had more than enough words to fill a book. I spent a couple of years editing and polishing it into a readable format. I had it edited and proofed and test read. Finally, at the end of February 2016, I published The I'm Possible Journey. It was leap year and I leapt.

I say finally, but that was only the beginning of a new project. I had written it to help me continue on my journey and also to help others who might have similar troubles with sugar.

Mystory is helping my right now as I navigate through another hurdle with addiction wanting to take over. Yesterday, I read and commented on other people's stories and I also wrote several blurbs on the Weight Watchers Connect app. Not only that, I wrote a few comments in a Facebook group for Weight Watchers over 50. It got me through a fierce craving to eat in the afternoon. I would have eaten the afternoon away had I not used my tools to stay in control!

But how can I help other people who are wanting inspiration and motivation to take their health back from addiction (sugar or food)? I have a large pool of friends who are interested in my story, but what if I tried to swim in a bigger pool? That's where marketing comes in.

I resisted marketing packages for the first year plus. But then, my niece introduced me to her boyfriend who is a master marketer. Well, he's a start up. But, frankly, I think he knows what he's doing. He's on a roll and I'm relishing the increased number of views to my website. I'm not sure what I'll catch up to, but I think this could put me on a roll, too. 

Frank for tour. I can see potential for a book tour marketed by Frank. Frank's not my niece's boyfriend. That's Harry, Head of Growth. Frank is the company I'm keeping. Because, hot dog, I think it works.

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