There's a thing about addiction that derails the honest try. There isn't any reason and it makes me want to cry. There's a signal in the brain that won't accept a no. And the strongest will gets worn away--the best of days can blow. But let me have my well proved tools--they help me in this fight. I cannot do it on my own--they help me get it write. I need a place to process thoughts and have a cup of tea. The combination is the key to unlock who is me. 

I have a drink of water, or a cup of tea. Write a blog or comment. Try to keep me free.

The tools are safe and, used with skill, retain or regain as I will. Control. Healthy lifetime goal.

And so. I go. To improve my hand at making tea. 

HonesT. Hones tea. 

And read a book. Check out this one. Take a look!