addiction recovery


There's a thing about addiction that derails the honest try. There isn't any reason and it makes me want to cry. There's a signal in the brain that won't accept a no. And the strongest will gets worn away--the best of days can blow. But let me have my well proved tools--they help me in this fight. I cannot do it on my own--they help me get it write. I need a place to process thoughts and have a cup of tea. The combination is the key to unlock who is me. 

I have a drink of water, or a cup of tea. Write a blog or comment. Try to keep me free.

The tools are safe and, used with skill, retain or regain as I will. Control. Healthy lifetime goal.

And so. I go. To improve my hand at making tea. 

HonesT. Hones tea. 

And read a book. Check out this one. Take a look!

Marketing Mystory.

In November 2011, I started on a journey to find good health. I was obese and in pain. My weight was high and my mood was low. I had read a book that convinced me, or rather confirmed my suspicions, that I was like an alcoholic with sugar. And I wanted to change.

Part of the plan to find good health again was to write how I was feeling. And so, in January 2012, I joined Weight Watchers online to use their tracking tools and their blogging space. Over the course of time and tenacity--shrinking myself by counting points and self analysis--I lost over 75 pounds and I had more than enough words to fill a book. I spent a couple of years editing and polishing it into a readable format. I had it edited and proofed and test read. Finally, at the end of February 2016, I published The I'm Possible Journey. It was leap year and I leapt.

I say finally, but that was only the beginning of a new project. I had written it to help me continue on my journey and also to help others who might have similar troubles with sugar.

Mystory is helping my right now as I navigate through another hurdle with addiction wanting to take over. Yesterday, I read and commented on other people's stories and I also wrote several blurbs on the Weight Watchers Connect app. Not only that, I wrote a few comments in a Facebook group for Weight Watchers over 50. It got me through a fierce craving to eat in the afternoon. I would have eaten the afternoon away had I not used my tools to stay in control!

But how can I help other people who are wanting inspiration and motivation to take their health back from addiction (sugar or food)? I have a large pool of friends who are interested in my story, but what if I tried to swim in a bigger pool? That's where marketing comes in.

I resisted marketing packages for the first year plus. But then, my niece introduced me to her boyfriend who is a master marketer. Well, he's a start up. But, frankly, I think he knows what he's doing. He's on a roll and I'm relishing the increased number of views to my website. I'm not sure what I'll catch up to, but I think this could put me on a roll, too. 

Frank for tour. I can see potential for a book tour marketed by Frank. Frank's not my niece's boyfriend. That's Harry, Head of Growth. Frank is the company I'm keeping. Because, hot dog, I think it works.

What do you think? Will you buy the book? Click here!


Looking 'round in a squarespace.

I've been focused on things other than this squarespace site. Both of my daughters got married last month. Two weeks apart. I can't use that excuse forever, but I think it's still valid right at the moment. Mom meant to do a lot of things, but. I've done what I could do. And I haven't done what I couldn't do.

What I could do in the weeks leading up to the weddings (We had about eight weeks before the second wedding and four weeks before the first wedding. I'm not turning this into a weak excuse, but. That's how it was.) was stay in control of my eating. (That last sentence was chopped by a parenthetical paragraph, but. Well, no buts about it. As I mom, I'm a parent. And because my son has kids, I'm a grandparent. (To take it a step further, one of my daughters has step kids.) I see no reason to not tack that on to the "hetical" grammar scenario. If you're not used to my style, I'm driving parenthetical here. (Actually, grand parenthetical.)) Apparently, I'm not the greatest grammar, but. That's okay. I'm around. In a squarespace.

If you've checked out my book (from a library or the take a look inside feature or an actual purchase), thank you. Very much. You may already know I like to play with words. And sometimes symbols. There's a certain rhythm to my writing. Sometimes it has reason. And sometimes it crashes. The crashes haven't been fatal, though. I'm still writing. And it's still working for me as I live with my sugar addiction.

Back to the control I alluded to earlier. I had a crash close to sugar on the way home from the second wedding. There are thousands of reasons or excuses I could think about, but. (Well, there's that but again.) This time, I'm thinking thous-ands. Like blaming someone else and something else. (I was going to use another but, and decided it didn't work.) I have come to the realization (not conclusion) that it was my choice. 

That sounds a little harsh from some angles. But my try angle for this thought is mixed with compassion, I think. I chose to eat nuts and dates as I worked through an exhausted state. I didn't think I had a choice, but I did. I did it. And it's done. I am Aware. I Accept it. And now I'm Adapting.

That's a reference to "my" AAA for trip planning and emergency blowouts. Trip planning sounds a little hazardous in itself. I don't think I've thought of it that way before now. No matter. Well, yes, it matters. This is me. And this is how I right and write myself.

I could have stopped and taken a nap. I could have thrown out the dates instead of opening them. I could have written a blog post. But I didn't. I chose to do what I did and it's done. I can learn from this. And it's good. That's what I should. Focus on. (There's a brilliant thought for me to remember. In difficult situations, keep the focus on. Not off.)

If you look around in this square space, I have a link to my WordPress blog. (Since I'm using lots of parentheses in this post, I'll go for another. When I typed "link", I thought you might have thought, "I never sausage a thing!" A pun my word, it's there.)

Okay. that's enough for now. I'm writing this stream of consciousness to let folks know I know I still have a website to work on. I noticed a couple of folks have found my WordPress blog from this site and I thought I should look around my squarespace again. 

Thank you for looking around it, too. Please come again!