I've heard of horse whisperers (as opposed to hoarse whisperers), baby whisperers, and dog whisperers. But recently I was called a pun whisperer. I deliberately misread the meaning and tweeted back, "Pun whispering? Is there something to be ashamed of? Shout them from the rooftops! Good clean fun!" My fellow tweeter checked in with me to make sure I really got her meaning and I assured her we were good. I just hadn't resisted my urge to pun. Puns are often groaned about. And sometimes produce a moan. But really, I think the gist of that is wishful thinking for their own.

Shortly after the pun whispering incident, my tweeting friend suggested that I was a mulch whisperer because I (with my daughter's help) had spread ten yards of mulch in a day. Yesterday I was a shed whisperer during the ladder part of the morning. Or perhaps early afternoon. I took out the staples on our shed's plywood sub-roof so we can fix it pretty soon. (I'm feeling like a poem whisperer at the moment. But really the pun thing continues. The shed will be pretty when it's fixed and, hopefully it will be very soon.)

This idea of whispering has been percolating in my head. It hasn't exactly been voices, but perhaps a soft commentary. I'll try to share a little now. I might just need a cup of coffee (but French press, not percolated) to go along with this raft trip on my stream of consciousness.

Whispering has the good connotation of taming when it comes to dogs and horses. I think it has to do with putting little ones to sleep when it comes to babies. But whispering also has negative connotations. Sometimes whispering is imagined. Insecurities can enable that. Show me paranoids, and I'll show you two computer geeks from Jersey (the new version). Whisperers can do a lot of damage spreading information that gets twisted because it's not clear. And maybe the whisperers have great insecurities themselves that get passed on to the whisperees if such a thing could happen. (And I think it does in some cases.)

I spent too much time worrying what people might be whispering behind my back when I was out of control with my sugar intake. I was obese and full of shame because of my uncontrolled eating. I was also full of food because of that, too. Some of that eating was done in secret. Is that like whisper eating? How ironic that when I regained control, I could probably be described as a whisper of my former self.

My sugar addiction whispers to me sometimes. "You really want to eat that, don't you. Just go ahead. No one will know." I have to re-punctuate that with a temporary knock out blow to the addiction. "You really want to eat that. Don't you just go ahead, no. One will know." My body knows. And an unresisted temptation would go to my head and mess with it.

I've just noticed that the center of repunctuate is "pun".  How fitting. I look at words from different angles and amuse myself with them. Punctuation is a way framing words to communitcate accurate, intended meaning. Reframing punctuation can completely change the the picture.

I started reframing my picture when I picked up a used book for a pair of dimes and a nickel. I reframed my paradigm (and my 5 basic senses) to completely change myself mentally and physically. For good. It speaks for itself without a word if you call it the picture of health. (I think I'm writing straightforwardly when in slips a pun with great stealth.)

Okay. That's just about enough for now. I'm going to link this post to my wordpress blog. I never saw such a thing coming when I wrote and published my book. The purpose of my book helping me is one thing. But in sharing it and having feedback that it's helping others, makes me feel like trying to share it even more. That means tweeting and blogging and commenting on other blogs. I've even started working the hashtag with Instagram. This gram is on it. Fishing for contacts. Networking the surf. Hang ten. I think this stream of consciousness is ready for the ocean. Surf's up. I hear the whispering roar of the waves.

What do you think? Did it make you blink and wonder if I really need a shrink? I've been shrinking myself with Awareness. To Accept and Adapt as needed. I've paid attention to how I feel. When my body has spoken, I've heeded.