Are you wanting some real life motivation and inspiration to take back your health? Read my story of learning to live with sugar addiction. It's a light-hearted approach to a weighty subject. It's an ongoing success story that can help you to have your own success story.

I blogged my way from obese to healthy and then published a book about my journey. I wanted to have a place to go when I needed to remember my whys and hows. My I'm Possible Journey continues and I know it has been easier to stay on it as I refer back to my journey from impossible to I'm Possible.

Read about how I conquered cravings and changed my mind about sugar. Laugh with me as I play with words and work my tools of good health. Cry with me as I say good-bye to my dear dad--able to feel the pain and also the beauty of life because I'm in control and not being controlled by food.

This book is real life. 

You can read an excerpt from my book here.  Buy the digital format or paperback. I keep my copy close with bookmarks in certain pages for emergency help. The book is in chronological order, but it is designed to be read in any order or in fits and starts. The big deal for me is it fits and I'm smaller. If I stall, it helps me start up again.

Six years ago, I was in a place I thought was impossible to get out of. Obese and feeling lousy. Today, I write as a recovering sugar addict. I'm aware of my addiction. I've accepted it. And I've learned how to adapt so I can live with it. Healthy and Happy. Not at the corner (well, grins) but right in the middle!

Check out my book, look through my website, click over to my other blog. If you feel a spark of hope, give it a try. Buy it, or ask your local library to acquire it. If you have questions, leave a comment. I'll do my best to answer quickly.

Best wishes to you!